Our Expertise
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Individual Psychotherapy
Professional Health Programs

 Get help with

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Anger management

  • Substance use disorders

  • Motivation for health behavior change

 Consultation and program development
  • Individual counseling for frontline healthcare providers with pandemic fatigue or other workplace distress
  • Organizational prevention programs to enhance professional health and well-being and to prevent clinician distress and burnout in healthcare systems
  • Individual and group intervention programs for disruptive behavior in the workplace
Training in Motivational Interviewing 

Schedule training and coaching in Motivational Interviewing (MI)

  • Support behavior change in helping professions

  • Develop MI training programs in your healthcare organization

  • Apply Motivational Interviewing in Leadership and Organizations​ (MI-Lead)

News & Publications


Gaasedelen, O., Jenkins, E., Kersh, B., Marks, M., Corbus, K., & Wilcox, J. (2021). Utilizing Motivational Interviewing for Leadership (MI-Lead) to Enhance Servant Leadership. Concurrent session presented at the virtual Society of Consulting Psychology (APA Division 13) conference.


Gaasedelen, O., Kersh, B., Wilcox, J., & Jenkins, E. (2021). Participant-Level Features as Predictors of Workshop Satisfaction and Skill-Utilization in a VA Leadership Training Workshop Sample. Poster presented at the virtual Society of Consulting Psychology (APA Division 13) conference.


Jenkins, E. A., Kersh, B. C., & Wilcox, J. (2017). Motivational Interviewing for Leaders: Implications and Ethical Considerations. Panel presentation at the International Conference for Motivational Interviewing, Philadelphia, PA.

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