Interpersonal Coaching in the Workplace

PHC provides physicians and other professionals individualized coaching for interpersonal skill development, emotional regulation, and professional health and well-being.
Specialty Areas
  • Reducing Physician Distress

  • Professional Health

  • Anger Management

  • Communication Skills Training

  • Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

  • Decreased Burnout

Multiple factors play a role in work success and satisfaction.  When workplace behavior becomes problematic, coaching and/or counseling can help an individual to identify factors involved in workplace distress and ameliorate the problematic behaviors. Sessions provide psychoeducation, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral interventions, and interpersonal skill development.

Strategies for developing emotional self-regulation include mindfulness, acceptance and commitment, and use of grounding skills. Interventions help with recognizing and expressing emotions that lead to problematic behavior, particularly in the workplace, introduce strategies for preventing inappropriate behavior, develop effective interpersonal skills, and provide follow-up and support in maintaining behavior changes.